Who We Are


Tara Atkinson, Managing Director

Tara Atkinson has worked as an editor, an arts journalist, a publishing assistant, a home health aid, an organic farmer, a standardized test quality controller, and a line cook.  She is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Washington where she teaches composition.

Willie Fitzgerald, Creative Director

Willie Fitzgerald grew up in Cabin John, MD, went to school in Wisconsin and now lives in Seattle.

Kellen Braddock, Finance and Development Coordinator

Kellen Braddock, currently pursuing an MFA in Arts Leadership, no longer has an appetite for vegetables. Lately she marries produce in a blender and shoots the mess, like a pill, before coffee. She finds pleasure in knowing that Netflix really gets her, steadfast to her “Controversial,” “Strong Women” taste preferences. First ground-under-foot experience happened in NYC.

Summer Robinson, former Director of SPF, Co-Founder of APRIL.

Summer Robinson grew up in Los Angeles and Maple Valley, Washington. She owned and operated Pilot Books for more than two years before its closure. She works for the ACLU, and her poetry and fiction can be found online at sites like Everyday Genius and in the Pangur Ban Party collection “Very Beautiful Women.”


Aidan Fitzgerald, Design

Aidan Fitzgerald graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA in Painting and Drawing in 2011, and has since designed advertisements for Eileen Myles’ new book “Snowflake/Different Streets” (Wave, 2012) for Paris, LA. He created the APRIL logo, seen above, and worked with Claire Fox on the APRIL Poster. His comics are forthcoming in the brand new “Intruder Comics” broadside, due out late March. See more of his work at Aidan Fitzgerald Drawings.

Claire Fox, Design

Claire Fox designed advertisements “Snowflake/Different Streets” (Wave, 2012) for Paris, LA, and created the official APRIL poster in collaboration with Aidan Fitzgerald. She is a graduate of the University of Washington, works at Analog Coffee and blogs about food at Hers & Hers.


Check back soon to hear about all of the amazing writers, publishers and readers contributing to APRIL.