To those who’ve donated and volunteered: APRIL wouldn’t be possible without your time, your work, your writing, your hard-earned money, your books, your space, your enthusiasm. You’re the Authors, Publishers and Readers of Independent Literature who inspire us and make all that we do possible. Thank you.

SPF 2011

Thanks, from the bottoms of our bookish hearts, go out to:

Rogue Scholar

The Richard Hugo House

Elliott Bay Bookstore


The Cullom Gallery


Town Hall

Arabica Lounge

Smoke Farm

Copper Canyon Press

Future Tense Press

Wave Books

Chin Music Books

Dark Coast Books

Les Figues Press

Dark Sky Books

Jaded Ibis Books

Fantagraphics Books

Calypso Editions

Floating Bridge Books

Raven Chronicles

Spankstra Books

Martine Workman

Filter Literary Journal

Talking Helps Records

And all of the amazing people who read, including

Debra di Blasi

Shin Yu Pai

Aaron Kunin

Ed Skoog

Leon Baham

Riley Michael Parker

Kevin Sampsell

Emily Kendall Frey

Maged Zaher

Les Sarzines

Mugi Takei

Meredith Clark